Gardai Should Earn Stripes — On MERIT

The Garda Siochána has been rocked by a series of allegations and admissions that understandably undermined public confidence in the whole justice system — writes P.J. Stone, General Secretary, Garda Representative Association (GRA) in the Herald dated 23rd April, 2014. The article goes on to state – Our members have always been sceptical of the selection and promotion system in place, when often the most natural leaders are overlooked in favour of those who have social or family connections to the political class.

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  1. patrick joseph mc April 26, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    promotion is no substitute for enjoying policing. Over the years the recognition of the contribution made by the uniform member that dealt with everything, got less and less recognition. Eventually being in uniform was seen as a purgatory to be endured before advancing to a specialized unit and advancement. As less and less people in charge had risen via the uniform section that were mainly the first point of contact, that division was bound to grow wider and lead to more disappointment. Many others in the public service would have similar views that if you deal directly with the public as the first point of contact one suffers the same fate.

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