Garda Pension Payments 2016

GSRMA have been in negotiations with Garda Commissioner and Financial Shared Services Department of Justice and Equality, Killarney as to the payment of all Garda pensions on the first day of each month, regardless of whether  that day is over a week end or an extended Bank Holiday period.  In that regard the Garda Commissioner engaged with Financial Shared Services Killarney and the Head of Directorate at Human Resources Athlumney House, Navan.

New European banking arrangements prohibit the transaction of all payments on non-banking working days, this to include every Saturday and Sunday and all Public Holidays. To that end our monthly pension payments may vary, and the Head of Directorate has now issued us with a complete list of proposed pension payments dates for 2016 and into January 2017.

Please note that as the banks are prohibited from processing payments over non-working days, they likewise are unable to process payments due from personal accounts by way of direct debit or standing orders.  However, we are unfortunately unable to withdraw cash from ATM machines until the payment has been processed on the appropriate Bank working days.

This is generic  to all accounts and is not simply an arrangement for Garda pension payments, the rules apply to all citizens throughout Europe, I am told.

The relevant e-mail documentation is downloadable for your information.


Paschal Feeney,

General Secretary, GSRMA.


Pensions 2015 Letter : 2015-Nov.-13-revised-final-letter-to-GSRMA-re-pay-dates-for-garda-pensions (3)

Garda Commissioner’s Letter Garda Commissioner’s letter on Pension payments



One Response to Garda Pension Payments 2016

  1. Arthur O December 19, 2015 at 11:09 am #

    Many Kildare North Branch GSRMA members are disgusted and upset at the wholly inappropriate uninformative and politically undertoned letter recently circulated by FSS, Killarney dated Dec 2015.

    Who penned it?

    “You should notice an increase in your net pay”. Well, it’s actually pension! is the letter factual/fake or just an insulting political gambit?

    Why did FSS not publish the rates and properly address to every individual pensioner, some quite senior, as one would expect in this day and age. It was a complete waste of postage and paper. Is FSS technology not up to it and if so how can we be positively assured precisely correct pensions are actually paid on a monthly basis.

    Some financial institutions/services are not compliant with SEPA regulations, which is not being addressed by the Regulator and Central Bank and I wonder is FSS?

    This is a time for GSRMA to dig deep and fight hard for the recovery of that which our dear departed fought for and gained in1961.

    The gloves are waxed in this corner!

    Merry Christmas. A Happy Healthy Peaceful & Prosperous New Year.

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