Garda Force – 20 Years behind in many areas.

Garda Commissioner Noirín O’ Sullivan said the force has been devasted by Government austerity measures and was “20 years behind in many areas, particularly in technology.  The police boss backed called by senior garda managers for 800 recruits to be taken on every year — 200 more than currently.

Read Report in Irish Examiner Garda Boss – Force Devasted by cuts is 20 Yrs behind

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  1. timothy April 21, 2016 at 9:04 pm #

    Garda Staff Associations, of which I was a former member, have being saying this for years. Getting no heed just lip service. I saw Garda Management as a body marking time playing safe never making any worthwhile forceful demands to promote staff welfare or equip the force to police in an effective and professional manner. They were happy not to rock the boat looking down instead of up. Recent utterances emanating from member delegates at the conferences indicate things have’nt changed.

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