Garda Cadetship — Letter of the Week.

A Cavanman, Mr. Val Martin, is the writer and winner of the “Letter of the Week” in the Sunday Independent. In doing so, the prize of three bottles of “The Dublin Irish Whiskey Liquor”, courtesy of First Ireland Spirits, is on its way to Cavan. The letter writer feels there is a very strong case to consider a Garda Cadetship for An Garda Síochána.

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  1. patrick joseph mc April 6, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    The Gardai never lacked highly educated people,while education is great to have a well respected chief said the first requirement was HONESTY and the second was DEPENDABILITY and without them all other talents were worthless.There is Gardai with first classs degrees in Science,numerous fully qualified teachers, accountants,social workers law degrees management qualifications. To quote the great Mayo Patriot, “Shall we use it wisely is quite a different thing to do“. The proper use of talent is the biggest problem not the lack of talent. I knew a member stationed in Cavan with the authors name. Over the years all types of specialist units got the limelight over the Uniform member that took care of all problems. Over time the general purpose uniform member felt no one cared about them or recognised their contribution and that took its toll. We have seen the cadet system and that has its flaws as well over the years and does not give the public a better or more honest service.

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