Fundraising for Retired Member John Conneely

Much appreciated by his family if you can help to raise funds for John Conneely who suffered a terrible accident with the result that, this once fit and active man is now a quadriplegic.

John Conneely, had a horrendous accident that caused spinal injuries with the result that he is now a quadriplegic. 

John Conneely, Dad to Jennie and Peter and Grandad to Erin, is a true gentleman. He is a people person, who loves to be in the company of his family and friends. Up to now, he lived life to the full, enjoying an active lifestyle in which he loved to swim and walk, having a great appreciation for the outdoors.

For many years, John was a sergeant in the Garda Underwater Unit. On several occasions during his career, John suffered life threatening injuries in the line of duty.  

In February, John was on holiday with his partner in Amsterdam. After feeling unwell in a restaurant he fell down a steep, granite stairs and broke his neck. John is now a quadriplegic without the use of his arms or legs.

After spending some months in hospital in the Netherlands, John was medevacked back to Ireland where he spent many weeks at the Mater Hospital and from there was transferred to the National Rehabilitation Centre in Dunlaoighaire where he is now located. In the near future, John will be discharged to a specialist care home while he awaits a more permanent solution.

It is now evident, that assistance from the state will fall far short of what John needs in order to have a minimum quality of life. To this end, some relatives of John, are starting a fund-raising event to fill the gap.

Despite his terrible situation, John has been strong and has a positive outlook that is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you for taking the time to read John’s story. If you can help John in any way at all, please, please do. He and his family would be so grateful.

Anybody wishing to contribute should go to website:

If you would like any further information please call Jarlath Conneely at 087-1227875 or email:


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    Please check hyperlink to fundraising website!

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