Ex-Gardaí who left for Australia re-apply to join the force

The letter of today’s Irish Times (24th. August) and my attention to an article in the same paper of 22nd. August, brought to me by Pat Joe McCarthy GSRMA Dublin North, is reproduced below.

Sir, – It is good to learn (News, August 22nd) that former Gardaí who left the force to serve as police officers in Australia have been applying to re-join An Garda Síochána. Would that process fall under the heading of “Ozmosis”? – Yours, etc.

PATRICK JUDGE, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Minister says opportunities in An Garda Síochána will increase to meet 2021 targets

Former Gardaí who left the force to serve as police officers in Australia have been applying to re-join An Garda Síochána.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said such opportunities will increase to meet the Government’s target of a Garda force of 21,000 by 2021 comprising 15,000 serving Gardaí, 2,000 reserve officers and 4,000 civilians.

Garda authorities are also hoping that individuals with appropriate policing experience and qualifications gained in other jurisdictions will also apply for civilian positions as part of the planned 20 per cent increase in the force’s membership by 2021.

Mr Flanagan told Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy that while there was no mechanism for the “transfer” of police officers with relevant skills from other forces, there were a “number of routes” open to individuals with relevant experience and qualifications including statutory provision for former members to re-join.


Ms Murphy had asked the Minister about reforming Garda recruitment policy, including increasing the age limit for recruits, currently 35, to allow qualified officers in other European police services transfer to the force.

Mr Flanagan said the 2005 Garda Síochána Act allows former members to re-join. He said “the most recent applications in this respect, concern former members who departed to serve in police services in Australia and have gained valuable skills and experience from that service and wish to re-join An Garda Síochána”.

To date, three former Gardaí who went on to serve in Australian police forces have been re-appointed to An Garda Síochána.


2 Responses to Ex-Gardaí who left for Australia re-apply to join the force

  1. Eugene August 25, 2017 at 10:20 am #

    Charlie Flanagan’s aspiration of 21,000 force is what is needed, but not the way he proposes. 2,000 Reserve Gardai, well now I would have no faith in that. I have heard many of them on Joe Duffy show, and many were leaving and many others were dissolutioned with their lot. I would have no faith in a Reserve member, what addition would he is she be in a serious situation, you would be better off with your neighbour or a hardy man coming to your aid. They only get small allowances, and no pay. Who would go out on the street for that? Young people who join the reserves , probably to see if they would like the job, well they should be encouraged . I say forget about the Reserves and recruit Real Gardai.

  2. John Brennan August 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm #

    In the jurisdictions where civilianisation and Reserve police work well it is because they are seen as a means to supplement the regular police force. They are provided with a career structure and an opportunity to upskill and makeg greater contributions.
    In Ireland they were introduced as a means to reduce Garda numbers, save money and undermine the influence of the staff associations.
    Reserves were told that membership would be of benefit when it came to recruiting to full time Garda rank. This did not occur and it is no wonder so many got disillusioned.
    I feel the Reserves could be used as an excellent way of giving young people the opportunity of seeing whether they would actually like to be full time Gardai and let their Rezerve service be recognised as an asset when it comes to recruitment.
    We all know people who regret joining the Gardai and found that the job was not what they thought it would be. Perhaps if they had an opportunity to serve in the Reserves their eyes would have be opened sooner and they could have chosen another career.

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