Elders – Giving Financial Control to younger generation.

A heading in to-day’s Irish Examiners is titled “When should older generations start giving the younger some control of their elders’ financial situations”.  IT can be a very delicate subject to bring up, but one that needs to be addressed as part of the aging process — at what point should the older generation start giving the younger information and possibly some control of their elders’ financial situation? Gráinne McGuinness has some advice.

Read the full Irish Examiner article http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/features/when-should-the-older-generation-start-giving-the-younger-some-control-of-their-elders-financial-situation-408471.html



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  1. patrick joseph mc July 5, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

    I see only one problem with the article , The message is applicable to all age groups and not solely senior citizens,Lack of Capacity can occur at any age either by accident illness. Very few people have any knowledge of the Capacity Act which covers human beings from the cradle to the grave .and is in everyone interest regardless of age to have their affairs in order,otherwise one is only creating problems for everyone. There is no problem that cannot be sorted while one has capacity but very costly to sort without capacity with huge legal fees ,There is very helpful advice on the members Section of what to do when a person passes on,but that can be made very much easier by advance planning. At one of our recent Coffee mornings a Gsrma member who now works with an undertaker came in and said a few very simple words but educated many on their responsibility and it is not soley age related

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