Community Policing — Ruined

Trevor Laffan, joined the GSRMA after retiring from the force last year.  He gave 35 years exemplary service to An Garda Siochana with the last 20 in Community Policing in Cork City.  During his period in Community Policing, he served the Unit as a Community Garda and later Sergeant I/C. of Community Policing in Cork City.  He was involved in the design and implementation of the Nation Model of Community Policing. Prior to his retirement he worked as a Sector Commander with the United Nations in Cyprus.

In a recent article which was published in  “The Journal”  Trevor, expressed his huge disappointment with the current state of Community Policing –that all the hard work put into building up relationships in the community have been ruined by bad-decision making.  The interview is from a GSRMA member —- who speaks from experience.

Read the full interview from “The Journal” Interview with Trevor Laffan – Com. Policing



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