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Press Release by Alliance of Retired Public Servants

For release: Wednesday, 17 May 201 RETIRED PUBLIC SERVANTS WELCOME GOVERNMENT’S INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN TALKS PROCESS OVER PENSION RESTORATION The Alliance of Retired Public Servants (ARPS) has today welcomed the intention signalled by Government to engage in a talk’s process over pension restoration for the country’s 140,000 retired public servants. Alliance Chairperson, Brian Burke, […]

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Pensions and job security to quell public pay demands

Pensions and job security to quell public pay demands   Pension values will be firmly on the negotiating table after it was revealed a garda’s retirement pot is worth from €30,000 to €40,000 a year. Unions are also demanding that their members’ job security not be used “against them” in a comparison with private sector […]

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‘To attract top talent, increase pay for high ranking public staff ’

Garda pension again comes in for comment. Open season on Garda pensions……….. Commission hears remuneration for most State employees remains very attractive The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has said there was “no problem” in recruiting new entrants to the public service in general on existing terms. File photograph: Getty Images   The Government […]

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Talks on Garda pay ‘anomalies’

Talks on Garda pay ‘anomalies’ The timing of the negotiations is also a significant win for IMPACT and other unions, who argued that the talks should be brought forward to the first half of next year, rather than taking place at an unspecified time in 2018. The significance of the revised timetable is that new provision […]

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ALLIANCE — Battle to Rescind FEMPI

“Alliance of Retired Public Servants intends to meet Department Officials after the General Election with a view to having the FEMPI Legislation reviewed.  The ALLIANCE will be seeking a commitment that FEMPI legislation is rescinded by the new Government.  This is based on recent Government statements that the Irish economy is the best in the […]

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Statement — ALLIANCE Retired Public Servants

The Alliance of Retired Public Servants whose membership consists of constituent pension organisations (representing some 140,000 public service pensioners and their families) has received a small restoration to their modest pensions with the start of the government pension restoration as set out in Part III of the FEMPI Act, 2015. Whilst this small restoration is […]

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Press Statement – Alliance Retired Public Servants.

The Alliance of Retired Public Servants has completed a process of consulatation with constituent pension organisations (representing some 100,000 public service pensioners) on the government decision on pension restoration which is now set out in Part 111 of the FEMPI Bill 2015. The Bill provides for the gradual restoration of pensions over 2016, 2017 and […]

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