Brave — Dublin South GSRMA Member

Dessie Brennan a retired Detective Garda and GSRMA member from Dublin South Branch deserves our sincere congratulations following the brave and courageous efforts he and his son made last Saturday evening.  Dessie and David (an off-duty Garda) chased and knocked a revolver from the grasp of an armed pillion passenger after an attempt was made to rob Paddy Power’s Bookmakers in Saggart, Co. Dublin.

You can read full story and see a picture of our brave Dessie in the Irish Star, click HERE

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  1. Arthur O July 11, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    Well done lads. Its invigorating and encouraging to many of us who discuss such bravery as we see it in national media. We never loose it! TG.

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