Aware Volunteering Opportunities: Available Now

Aware Volunteering Opportunities: Available Now

Aware, the national organisation providing support and information to individuals and families impacted by depression and bipolar disorder is now recruiting new volunteers to train on a number of services. Aware has received the Investing in Volunteering Standard in recognition of the level of training and support it provides for its 400 volunteers. See for specific info and requirements for all volunteering opportunities including the Aware Support Line (phone) & Support Groups (face-to-face). Minimum commitment is 18 months. Help Aware continue to be a supporting light through depression.

The Aware Team

Support Line: Freephone number 1800 80 48 48

Support Mail:



3 Responses to Aware Volunteering Opportunities: Available Now

  1. Arthur O July 28, 2016 at 2:22 am #

    The 2014 Annual Report & Accounts is the last published by Aware. Though it mentions a pension fund for employees no details are given of CEO’s annual salary or any other specific information governing such employ. I think it should be published.

    I could not agree with any charitable organisation paying an executive salary or any other form of renumeration out of voluntary fundraised monies.

    I would be happy to do what I can for any voluntary charitable organisation, such as The Lions Club.

  2. timothy July 28, 2016 at 8:47 pm #

    The governance of some of these charities, as we now witness, have left the contributing public down badly. It is clear from what has come out that the internal audit as well as the independent external audit didn’t robustly do the job in these cases. Well run similar organisations are now the losers.

  3. patrick joseph mc August 1, 2016 at 6:02 pm #

    Most charities were set up with the best of motives to fill a gap in much needed public services. Many are now commercial concerns in receipt of public funds topped up by public generosity . Many do a very good job and still satisfy a need, but there is a huge amount of duplication of service.due to lack of regulation .Charities should never be seen as a replacement for proper public services, The problem of abuse.of the system has been around for decades as some people will always take advantage of hard cases to help themselves in the guise of helping others .While salaries may grab the headlines ,expenses legally but not ethically obtained may dwarf salaries in many cases It should be also noted most are transparent in showing their costs in wages and vouched expenses .and are an example to all. Over the years prosecutions for breaches of the Street and House to House and the Gaming and Lotteries Acts were defended by a full legal team which always seemed strange to me .One has always to admire the people in all walks of life that give their time and talents free for the benefit of other and very few know of their good deeds.

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