Assault on Garda Eoin Cox in Dublin

Garda Eoin Cox who was severely assault on Sunday morning was in his uniform and was clearly identifiable as a garda on duty.

His father Brian said: “If Eoin’s Garda colleagues had not arrived so quickly and intervened we dread to think what injuries he would have sustained.”

He revealed that his father, John, who is Eoin’s grandfather, was one of the first recruits in Ireland’s fledgling police force in 1922.

“I remember growing up in the Garda station in Howth, Co Dublin and it was a different world. Then the public had great respect for the Gardai.

“I remember my dad, on a bicycle, chasing after someone and ordering them to stop and they stopped.

“It’s very different now. Some people have lost all respect for the Gardai and really they have lost respect for themselves.

“Along with many parents, I was so proud when Eoin chose to become a Garda but what people don’t appreciate is the danger they place themselves in every single day.

“When our sons, brothers, husbands and friends, who are gardai go to work, we cannot be sure they will come home.

“The murders of gardai Adrian Donohoe and Tony Golden were a stark reminder to all of our families that gardai put their lives on the line every day to keep society safe for everyone.

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  1. patrick joseph mc March 2, 2016 at 10:18 am #

    Sadly,today everyone is aware of their rights but not their duty to act in a responsible manner. The number of Gardai seriously injured on duty is growing and the sad fact is – this did not happen overnight. Intoxicant fueled violence is seen as normal. In the past week we heard of a train taken out of service because of the activities of 3rd level students on a night out. A young man in a nightclub in Cavan Cavan was attacked by a gang and left with medical staff in James Hospital fighting to save his eye sight. This young man was an up and coming football star and another person in the ward with him was a young father who was hit off the ball by an opponent in a G.A A game. The sad fact is – no one wants the Law or regulation enforced in any walk of life. An injury to a Garda has a devastating effect on the law abiding public especially the elderly and the vulnerable as it is seen as society not capable of protecting them. The new sick leave regulations are not ideal for the recovery of injured gardai or other public servants as people have to be fully fit for work or not. In the past people could regain their confidence by light duties.

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