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The Alliance has its focus on one issue – the reinstatement of cuts imposed under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2010.  This act imposed cuts on our pensions through the Public Service Pension Reduction from January 1st 2011, and again from July 1st 2013.  As the “Emergency” eases, the Alliance are exercising pressure to have thees cuts reversed.  A delegation from the Alliance is due to meet the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reforms, Mr. Brendan Howlin, TD.

Hereunder are a number of letters written during November 2014 by Mr. Brian Burke, Chairman, Alliance Retired Public Service to An Taoiseach; Government Ministers and Opposition TDs and Senators :

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Read letters to Opposition T.Ds & Senators Letter to Opposition TDs and Senators Nov 14

Read the website spreadsheet on:  TD’s andSenators website spread-sheet



Monday evening, 20th October 2014, witnessed  over 140 people from the Limerick and the entire Shannon-side Region turn-up at the Radison Hotel, Ennis Road to support the Regional Meeting organised by the Executive Committee of Alliance of Retired Public Servants.  Frank Larkin, retired member of the Shannon-side Development was delighted to extend a Céad Míle Fáilte to Brain Burke (Alliance Chairman); Gerry Blake (Vice-Chairman) and Mike Moriarity (Treasurer) to the European City of Culture – Limerick.

Brian Burke (Chairman) informed the meeting that the Alliance now represents over 75,000 retired Public Servants and has two  reps from each of the following organisation :

  1. Retired Higher Civil & Public Service
  2. Retired Public Servants (IMPACT)
  3. Retired Teachers Unions (RTAI – ASTI  &  TUI).
  4. Retired Principals & Deputy Principals.
  5. Retired Members of the IMO;
  6. Retired Members of the Nurses Association of Ireland;
  7. Retired Army Officer (O.N.E)
  8. Retired Prison Officers;
  9. Retired Members of Dublin Fire Brigade;
  10. Retired City & County Managers;
  11. Retired Commissoned Officers;
  12. Retired members from Shannon Development.
  13. Garda Síochána Retirred Members’ Assoc. (GSRMA)
  14. Irish United Nations – Veterans Association.
  15. Retired Chief Executive & Education Officers Association.

As the above organisation-list and membership grows, the ALLIANCE will expands over the coming months.  It is estimated that there are well over one hundred thousand retired public servants. Being part of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants gives the Garda Retired Association and other such organisations a —— greater voice in protecting our well earned pensions.

Aims of Alliance

Brian Burke (Chairman) stated that the aims of the Alliance were very simple:

  1. Restore our well earned pensions
  2. Provide a mechanism that when the pensions are restored  that we can safe-guard future increases for our members.

The Alliance are concerned that Retired Public Service Pensioners have no official negotiation rights and we need to change that situation. The Industrial Relations Acts deals only with “Workers” and does not include or provide for Public Service Pensioners.  The Alliance are at present discussing these and other anomalies with  Mr. Brendan Howlin, Minister for Public Expenditure & his Staff.

During the Alliance meeting in Limerick, Brain Burke (Chairman) outlined the huge work done by the Garda Síochána Retired members’ Association (GSRMA) in getting Minister Howlin to meet the Alliance.  Gerry Blake (President GSRMA) at the Limerick Regional Meeting stated that other Regional Meetings would be held in the coming months, to update all retired Public Service Pensioners countrywide.  He mentioned that Haddington Road Agreement made reference to the restoration of the pay cuts to serving members, it made no reference to the restoration of the pension cuts.  He stated it was important that the Alliance kept the pressure on the government to have our pension cuts restored in the same time frame as that for serving members.

GSRMA Reps on Alliance

Gerry Blake, President of the Garda Síochána Retired Members’ Association along with Paschal Feeney are the GSRMA representative that attend meetings of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.


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  1. John Brennan December 5, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    Every member who wishes to have their pensions cuts restored and have rises to their pensions in the future will have to play their part in this campaign. The Government have undertaken to restore wages cuts to serving public servants but seem to think that pensioners can be left behind. They are intent on breaking the link between serving members pay and the rate paid to pensioners. They will continue to treat pensioners as persons of no importance if we allow them to do so. Earlier efforts to restrict the issue of medical cards and the recent comments of Minister Leo Varadkar give a clear insight as to the Government attitude to pensioners. The recent Budget is again of no benefit to us. The retired member should use every opportunity to put their local Government T.D. under pressure on this issue and to also let opposition T.D.s know that it is a vital issue to us and will play a major part in our deciding how we vote come the General Election. While we don’t know the make up of future Government some of the political parties are in favour of higher taxation, both direct and indirect, and we all know which sector in society will be targeted. The Alliance should be congratulated on their efforts to date and any public meetings should get as much support as possible in order to show the Government that we are not going to allow ourselves to be the scapegoats for their financial mismanagement.

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