Alliance Meeting at Rochestown Park Hotel, CORK

The Regional Meeting of the ALLIANCE which took place in the elegant ROCHESTOWN PARK HOTEL, Douglas, Cork City on Monday evening, 23rd March captured a gathering of 174 Retired Public Servants from the Southern Region.  Hereunder is a breakdown of those who turned-up to support the cause.  At the bottom are some photographs taken at Rochestown Park Hotel on the night.

  • RTAI (Into)  = 66;
  • GSRMA —–   48
  • RSTA /ASTI  — 21
  • RMA/TUI / CID—-  16
  • RCPSA (Revenue) = 6
  • NAPDR — 4
  • PSEA — 2
  • ARPCD = 2
  • Army = 2
  • HSE — 1
  • P & T = 1
  • HHCS — 1
  • ARCO = 1
  • CPSU = 1
  • CMGA= 1
  • RDOD = 1

The Alliance consist of 15 Groups ranging from :

  • Retired Higher & Public Service,
  • Retired Public Servants (IMPACT)
  • Retired Teachers Unions ( RTAI, ASTI, & TUI)
  • Retired Principals & Deputy Principals,
  • Retired member if IMO
  • Retired members Nurses Assoc.
  • Retired Army Officers (O.N.E.)
  • Retired Prison Officers,
  • Retired members of Fire Service,
  • Retired City & County Managers,
  • Retired Commissioned Officers,
  • Retired members Shannon Development,
  • Retired members of Garda Siochana (GSRMA),
  • Veterans Association – Irish United Nations,
  • Retired Chief Exec  & Educational Officers Assoc.

Regional meetings of the ALLIANCE have already taken place in Limerick, Wexford and Athlone where Officials from some of the above groups took responsibility for hosting the event.  In Cork the the meeting will be hosted by Officials from the Retired Teachers Unions (RTAI & TUI) but all the others will be putting their shoulder to the wheel.  We are appealing to YOU to come-out on the night and lend your support for the restoration of our well earned pensions.


Aims of Alliance

The aims of the Alliance are very simple:

  • Restore our well earned pensions.
  • Provide a mechanism that when the pensions are restored that we can safe-guard future increases for our members.The Alliance are concerned that Retired Public Service Pensioners have no official negotiation rights and we need to change that situation.

The Industrial Relations Acts deals only with “Workers” and does not include or provide for Public Service Pensioners. The Alliance are at present discussing these and other anomalies with Mr. Brendan Howlin, Minister for Public Expenditure & his Staff.

If you do not realise the difficulty we are facing in our struggle for the reinstatement of our pension or if you are not aware of the hostility towards our aim from the private sector then read Dan O’Brian’s article in last Fridays Irish Independent.


A well attended meeting of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants was held in Athlone on a bitterly cold March Monday night. Mike Moriarty, treasurer of the Alliance and Vice President of the Retired Secondary Teachers Association (RSTA) opened the meeting by informing the large and very attentive gathering that the pensions to which public servants contributed over 40 years were the property of the pensioners and that the Government used emergency legislation to grab a proportionately larger part of their income than the took from serving public servants. Serving public servants were consulted but pensioners were not; they were not even given a place at the table where their property was confiscated. Taxation without representation is tyranny. Furthermore, they are discriminated against compared to private sector pensioners as they pay a higher USC on comparable income. He informed those present since, according to Minister Michael Noonan, the emergency is over as our National Debt is sustainable and since all the economic indicators are pointing in the right direction, it is time to repeal the emergency legislation and to give us back our property immediately. The attendance was informed by Brian Burke of Impact and Chairman of the Alliance that the Alliance is made up of 17 groups which represent most if not all retired public servants and was formed three years ago. It was also noted that last year Minister Brendan Howlin gave official recognition to the Alliance as the body representing 75,000 public servants; this number now exceeds 100,000 retired public servants. We have had two meetings with the Minister who noted our concerns but did nothing about them in the budget. Brian made it clear that we want: negotiating rights for retired public servants, the repeal of the emergency legislation, fair treatment re USC and our property back now. We cannot wait as 3,000 to 4,000 of retired public servants die every year. We would rather that they did not die in poverty. He went on to destroy the myth that Public Service Pensions (PSP) are “gold plated”. The average PSP he said is about €20,000 which is €2,000 less than the Contributory Old Age Pension (COAP) for a couple. The retired public servant does not get the COAP and neither, usually, does the spouse. He reminded the meeting that we have huge voting power and that we will use our vote to best further our aims. Gerry Blake of Garda Retired and Vice Chairman of the Alliance informed the members that the Garda Retired have a website ( where they display information on all things Alliance and that it is there for the use of all members of the Alliance. It was also suggested that those present should pass on their contact information to their respective representative bodies for the use of the Alliance and to pass along any text message they receive to all their retired contacts. The meeting was then thrown open to the floor and a lively session ensued with some frank exchanges and great suggestions as to what needs to be done. Suggestions ranged from lobbing politicians, to marches and to putting forward our own candidates in the next general election. One such suggestion was that there should be regional branches formed and there were enough volunteers to ensure that the Midlands are in the lead in the race to form the first Regional Branch of the Alliance. Having been informed that the next regional meeting is in Cork the meeting ended………….


Photographs taken at Alliance Meeting in Cork hereunder








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