3rd October documentary on TG4 at 21.30 called Finné Ann McCabe

Finné (Witness) Ann McCabe

a TG4 Original Production

Episode 5 – the story of Ann McCabe will air Wednesday 3rd October @ 9.30pm.

Inspired by recent Netflix-style documentaries, Finné is a brand-new home-grown documentary series commissioned by TG4 featuring the human side of big Irish stories that have made the headlines over the past 50 years.

Filmed over 12 months by Galway’s Magamedia and presented by RTE’s courts correspondent, Orla O’Donnell, Finné revisits gross miscarriages of justice that have taken place in Ireland in the recent past.

Through riveting first person testimony, Finné recounts intimate stories of triumphs and traumas, of Davids and Goliaths, of dogged resilience and human frailties.

This week’s episode recounts the story of Jerry McCabe’s widow Ann McCabe, who was gunned down by the IRA in Adare in 1996. In her searing testimony, Ann recalls how she felt she had to take a public role when her husband’s killers were being used as part of the Good Friday Agreement, while also trying to go through her own grieving process. Now, 22 years on, she is able to reflect on these harrowing events and re-tell them in all their rawness.

“It is only through searing personal testimony that we gain real insight into the human story behind the official accounts of these life-changing events” says Magamedia’s Paddy Hayes, producer and writer-director of 3 of the 8 episodes. “Finné allows each individual the time and the freedom to tell their raw and powerful stories in their own words.”

These are the witnesses, and these are their stories…

Produced by Paddy Hayes of Magamedia, whose previous work includes Snáithe, Noel Hill, Corp + Anam, this 8 x 60 minute original production promises a gripping and rare insight into these high profile stories as told through the eyes of those still bearing the scars and living with the consequences. It reinforces TG4’s reputation for fresh, bold programming featuring extraordinary Irish stories.

Finné – Ann McCabe airs on Wednesday 3rd October @9.30pm on TG4.

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  1. timothy October 8, 2018 at 2:54 pm #

    Watched the programme. Mrs Ann McCabe gave a very moving and dignified account of the atrocity and its effect on her and family. This was at great variance from the behaviour of Sinn Fein/IRA and disrespect shown by them at the time and since.

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